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Challenging yourself with best mind games of 2016

Challenging yourself with best mind games of 2016

Mind games are those games that help you to think more about a subject. As you know that there are lots of mind games in Google Play Store. These games actually enhance your skill to face new types of challenges. When you play a mind game, more precisely puzzle mind games; you will face two things in these kinds of games. First, you have to think more to solve puzzles. After this, you have to challenge yourselffurther when you move on to advance levels. When you have spirit to compete and face new challenges, then no one can stop you from success. There are many mind games in your App Store. Some of them are the best mind games of 2016 that are discussed below.

Challenging yourself with best mind games of 2016

Brain it on!

Brain it on is the physics puzzle that have many challenges to test your brain. As you know, all puzzle mind games have different type of challenges. In this game, you have to draw shapes to solve the puzzle. This is a novel idea for puzzle games. It has dozens of puzzles to test your brain. There are various techniques to solve these puzzles but your aim is to find the best technique to solve them.
In each level, your task will be visible on the screen. Let’s say, your first challenge is to place an object inside the glass. You have to draw a shape exactly above that glass. This shape will automatically roll down the glass. You have to design a unique solution. This game will test you whether you are able to challenge yourself or not. If you love challenges and want to build a competition with your friends then you should try this game.

This game has unique features but there is one thing that makes it annoying and disturbing. This thing is level of difficulty. You play games for fun and when this fun turns in to disturbance then you will not enjoy that game anymore. Difficulty level increases in each level of the game. Accept challenges if you enjoy them. This game gives opportunity to challenge yourself but it gets too difficult to be solved.

Brain War

Brain war is a mind game involving different kinds of puzzles. It is a real time competition app. This game will increase your mind power. This game is full of enthusiasm. Once you play the game your competition will start with people all around the world. You will face new challenges in each level. These challenges are time based. Complete the challenge in given time otherwise your opponent will win the level.

Brain war is a challenging and competition oriented game. You can invite your friends and can play with them. Main aim of this game is to outscore your opponent. As this is a live game, in which different players are playing from different countries simultaneously. When you play this game with worldwide players, then your ranking will also be placed in worldwide ranking.
This game has lots of fun. But on the other side, it has feature that can annoy a player. This feature is its time limit. When you are new in Brain war and you do not know about the game. At this stage, if your opponent is a better player then it becomes pretty obvious that you will lose the game. Time limit also increases factor of failing. This game has many exciting challenges that can test your brain. But time limit will be an obstruction to your success.

Rock the Ball

Rock the ball is an exciting and challenging puzzle game. Rock the ball is a sliding puzzle game. In which you just slide the blocks to complete the path for the ballto roll down. In this game you have to remove obstructions to complete the level. This feature makes it is an exciting unblock game. If you want to test your brain then you should play this game. This game is a real brain teaser that will help you to test yourself. It is a physics puzzler, that is, it has physics based phenomenon to solve the puzzle. This is a thought-provoking fun game. In which you think about the subject again and again to solve the puzzle.

Rock the ball has many exciting levels. Each level has different puzzles with different difficulty level. These levels are not that much difficult. You will enjoy accepting these challenges. This game has excellent graphics and sound. This game has no time restrictions. You can play the game without any time limit. This game will help you to think in different ways for solving problems. You will face new exciting challenges by playing this game.

In 2016, there are many mind games developed to challenge you. Rock the ball has all features to challenge a person. When you play this game, you will love to keep playing this game. It will help you in solving problems in your practical life as well. This game is an exciting and challenging game. You will realize it when you play this game.

Games discussed above have their own pros and cons. Brain it on is a fun challenging game but at certain times this fun turns into a headache. Levels become more difficult to solve. Brain war has time limit. This factor may lead you to failure. Rock the ball does not have above described cons. Higher levels are difficult but not that much. Rock the ball has no time limit. You will enjoy challenges in this game. Download Rock the ball if you want to challenge yourself! 

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